Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: D'Allesandro's

I hope my next trip, if I make it, is better than the first. In these economic times, I can not make multiple trips hoping a restaurant will be better on the second or third try.

The good news: Allesandro's is very attractive and tastefully decorated with soft, mellow light shades bearing their logo. The waiter was well informed about the menu and very pleasant. The bread was warm. My main dish, Pollo Rosamarino, was tasty.

The rest of the story: No side of pasta served or offered. The olive oil for dipping bread was as bland as tap water with no spicing. My main dish, while tasty, consisted of pounded chicken breasts, with faint sprinkling of chopped rosemary served over riced potatoes said to be mashed.

The portions were small. The mashed potato serving was about a 1/2 to 3/4 cups. There was no color on the plate except a scant sprinkling of rosemary. White meat, on a white plate, with white potatoes. It was the most unimaginative way to serve the dish that I could possibly imagine.

The salad that came with the meal was served without any choice for salad dressing. The dressing served was a mediocre balsamic dressing of no significant merit. Maybe a restaurant of this stature should offer several home-made dressings. We were offered no choices. Balsamic dressing was all that was served.

In such an elegant surrounding, I expect something that is more than border-line bland, poorly presented, and of modest taste. I expect something more than an average salad and, lastly, turn the music down!

I will not be back even though the restaurant has its good points.

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