Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We had out of town guests and wanted to take them to a restaurant that showed off the downtown area, but was more informal than some. I had reviewed Harry's a while back on this blog and had given it flying colors.

Last night, however, the very same dishes were not good. The shrimp and scallops over the grits cake was way, way too salty and my wife's shrimp (shrimp and grits) was rubbery and overcooked. Consistency is important in the restaurant business and Harry's fell down last night. Maybe they had a new cook.

I would have sent my back but we had already waited a long time in spite of the restaurant not being full. Plus, we did not want to make a scene. The meal last night made me very reluctant to return. It is hard to reconcile having the very same dish be fabulous one night and lousy the next.

Billy, you need to "mentor" someone on your staff.

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