Saturday, September 05, 2009

Review: Harry's.....5 stars

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille

110 SE 1st St
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 372-1555
5 star rating

I have to tell you that I study and immerse myself in the cuisines of Louisiana and have generally considered Harry's to be a poor facsimile of the real thing. Only their portion sizes redeem the restaurant.

I dined there recently with neighbors and was very surprised. All of the dishes we ordered were first-rate. I had a dish composed of scallops and shrimp over a grits cake that was splendid. Two of us had the shrimp and grits and one had jambalaya.

I have developed and honed recipes much like each of these dishes and I hate to admit that they may be as good as mine or better. It kills me but, for this night at least, Harry's kicked b&tt, big time.

Oh also, the salad was superb and the bread served with the meal was crisp on the outside, soft in the middle and served hot with flavored butter. Perfection.

I would never have believed that Harry's could serve such a flawless meal. I am not easily pleased with Gainesville restaurants, but I plan to return to Harry's....soon.

What a fine surprise. Keep it up Harry's.

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