Friday, July 03, 2009

Colonel Sanders handwritten recipe for barbecue sauce from the original KFC in Corbin, KY

Colonel Sanders’ Barbecue Sauce Recipe

[from handwritten recipe on display at the original KFC in KY]

1 gallon, ketchup

12 c., Worcestershire sauce

3 c., allspice

2 c., red pepper

6 c., liquid smoke

15 c., smoke salt

2 c., chili tang

4 c., cumin powder

2 c., ground mustard

10 c., beaded molasses

5 c., black pepper

1 c., cinnamon

1 c., cayenne

1 c., ginger

1 c., celery seed

4 c., ground sage


Mikeh said...

I live in GA and am headed to Lexington in a few weeks to a football game. Going through the Corbin area. Is the museum open on Saturday?

Jimmy Conner said...

I do not know the hours. I am sure that information is available on-line.

Mikeh said...

Thanks! I'll check it out.

D.W. said...

hey , i solved kfc recipe , your 'CHILI tang' is bogus. Its reallys CHILI TONG , short for CHILI TONGUE , which is slang for DEVILS TONGUE PEPPERS , also when dried and powdered is a form of chili powder. also the spice you say cumin isn't it, the spice is again a slang and has 2 i 's , begins with c and ends in o, i work hard to figure this recipe out and i won't tell everything but i did make it easy to figure out. if your smart that is... i am CANADIAN

D.W. said...

oh yes , not cayanne, but there is an actual CEYENNE powder , google it. i am CANADIAN

Jimmy Conner said...

DW: This is verbatim from the Colonel. They are his words, not mine.