Monday, August 24, 2009

First Pass at Merlion, 3610 SW 13th Street: Lovely Restaurant, Tasteless Lunch....Can I Afford to Give Them a Second Chance?

The decor of the restaurant is superb and the staff is friendly but that is it for high marks. My dish at lunch today, Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken, had the least flavor of any dish I have ever had in a restaurant.

The chunks of pineapple were finger-nail size and hard to find in the rice. The chicken pieces were more like shavings, not enough to taste in the dish. I finally used the dipping sauce served with my spring roll (tasty) to bump up the rice. Without it, there was no flavor. Minute rice tastes better.

Two tiny flowerettes of broccoli and one snow pea pod constituted my vegetable ration accompanied by one small slice of orange as the garnish. I knew the meal was not up to snuff when I thought to myself, "Thank God for the orange slice."

If decor is what you are after, this restaurant is first-rate. If you are looking for good food, do not buy the rice dishes, but try one of the curries and cross your fingers. Personally, I will wait for new ownership.

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