Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Product I Like: handmade Rosemary, Pistachio, Savory Biscuits by My Foodie Food

My friend, Wendi Wilkie, is a foodie of the highest order, savoring and exploring the culinary universe by both instinct and design. Lately, she has been developing food products such as a variety of flat breads and, more recently, produced a product that I find to be extremely promising: Rosemary, Pistachio, Savory Biscuits.

Wendi left us a sample and we both gave it high marks. She says that these biscuits are excellent with honey and/or brie. I tried them without any accompaniment and found the flavors to be multi-tiered. Kind of like a CT scan in food form. No flavor was obscured, yet all worked together to please.

She labels the four biscuits as "handmade in small batches, with love." It shows. I think she has nailed this one. If I were to make any suggestion, I would add a fine zest of tangerine for color and another "zing" experience.

Presently, her product is available in the Sarasota area at selected stores. Contact Wendi at 239-634-1049 to find out where she has placed her products. I understand she has several in this sort of line and I look to trying more. Also, Gainesville stores may be in her line of sight.

Lots of good food being produced by local entrepreneurs. Patronize them and report what you find.


Jimmy Conner said...

WENDI WRITES: Friday, June 15th from 6-10 pm, My Foodie Food will be vending at the Safety Harbor Third Friday Street Festival...lots of local vendors and lots of great music! My Foodie Food items can also be purchased at The Fleur de Lis Patio Cafe and Market in Safety Harbor.

Annette said...

it sounds great and I wish I could get it in north Georgia.