Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh my goodness....I forgot to list Satchel's in my review of the east side

For weddings or parties, one always lives in fear that someone will not be invited. The omission is usually someone of the highest importance too and the resulting embarassment is painful. I have done it again.

Yesterday, my review of the east side culinary scene, failed to list Satchel's Pizza, the restaurant that we patronize most frequently. Satchel's is the cornerstone of the east side restaurant scene and I will focus on it soon in a review. Satchel's is our go-to restaurant when we have friends in from out of town.

My apologies to my readers, to Satch, and to Satchel's Pizza fans.

Don't tell my wife I left out Satchel's. She insisted on stopping there on her way to the Gainesville airport when she left recently for a visit north. She will probably want to stop there again when she flies in next week.

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