Friday, April 08, 2011

Adams Ribs served some tasty chicken for lunch yesterday

Sometimes I go out to lunch when the fridg is empty of leftovers, but the options on the west side still leave me cold. Nothing appeals to me as the choices are mostly chains with corporately prepared foods trucked in frozen, then thawed, and served with equally tasteless sides.

I must say that, on occasion, I try Adams Rib though I have not yet tasted their barbecue meats. Yesterday, I had a chicken breast with their collard greens and potato salad. All were very good to excellent. The chicken was amazingly moist, unfairly moist. My guess is that it was brined first because the flavor was tasty and moist and the skin crisp. Perfect.

The sides: The collard greens were first rate, not quite as good as mine or Ruby's, but getting there. The potato salad was home-made and very good, a little on the sweet side, but I recommend it.

Adams Rib serves a fine lunch. Maybe I will try their meats soon.

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