Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Buddy Asked for Recommendations on Gainesville restaurants.

Here are my recommendations as of June, 2015:

Ruby's - African-American/Southern cuisine. Everything is good and may be the best restaurant in town. Fried chicken beats any competitor hands down

Satchel's Pizza - My wife says it is her favorite pizza anywhere in the USA and she knows her pizza. She is from western New York state where the pizza has near cult status. In particular, we enjoy their lunch special which features a huge pizza slice and a "chopped" salad topped with their secret balsamic dressing. The mood and art of the place is whimsical and like no other. Dine there once, you will be a devotee forever.

Mac's Drive-Thru - the best "street" burger in the USA. No kidding. Wax paper and grease. Mmmmmm good.

Southern Charm Kitchen - sophisticated Southern/African-American menu. Many options for vegetarians/vegans including country-fried tofu. One of our absolute go-to favorites. Never falls short of excellent.

Pearls Country Store - excellent barbecue, great sides. Large portions. Be hungry when you go. Tip: breakfast can be stellar

Country Foodly - Our go-to breakfast place. Korean owned and serves standard diner-style breakfast that is perfectly prepared. They also have a number of Korean dishes such as a superb bulgogi omelet.

Sweetberries - known for their frozen custards but I think their dining items are overlooked. Another go-to for salads (best in town) and sandwiches. Not to be missed.

Bangkok Grill - all excellent and top of the line. Their eggplant is a favorite of mine (I eat a vegetarian diet).

Pho Hanoi - always good particularly their Pho Ga

The Mexican restaurant in Archer - a bit run down but a step above any Mexican restaurants in the area.

Square One - high end burger place but I was very surprised that I found their food to be quite good. Very attractive place to dine.

O Sole Mio - Don't think this is a Mexican restaurant. Rather it is wonderful, cozy Italian restaurant in a strip mall near Jonesville.  Have had several first-rate meals there. My favorite Italian in the area.

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