Monday, May 18, 2015

The Jones B-Side disappoints...again!

We have tried this version of the Jones at least three times. Sadly, no more. Yesterday, we dined there for lunch after church. My wife ordered a salad that was composed of bagged salad mix and accompanying veggies. The lettuces were, shall I say, "tired." The chopped and julienned veggies were better.

My wife did not like the taste of the salad dressing she ordered and, after some effort at flagging down our waitress, ordered an alternative dressing. The substitute was not to her taste and, in each instance, the waitress seemed miffed that she had to answer our questions and correct the order. To bring the dressing up to snuff, my wife had to add white sugar! The only person to show any sign that they were glad we were patronizing them was a manager as we were leaving.

My falafel burger was pretty good but the fries were barely warm and soggy.

I want to commend this restaurant for their apparent commitment to serving many vegetarian options and to patronizing local growers. Serving local foods, however, is only part of the equation for success.

In light of the marginal-to-poor dishes we were served and the even worse treatment by our waitress, we will seek out restaurants that can deliver tasty food and friendly service. The Jones B-Side did not.

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