Friday, May 06, 2011


I am very sorry to read a tweet from the Gainesville Sun that Steamers has closed for good. According to the article, the restaurant, in business in Gainesville since the early 80's, is owned by the same people who own Buddha Belly on 16th Ave. BB will change its name to Tasty Buddha and a second store will open under the same name in the old Cabana Cove location behind Garden Gate Nursery on 43rd Street.

Steamers did not have a long term lease and needed to be upgraded. The owner is quoted in the tweet as saying he did not want to renovate considering his lease is presently month to month.

Many students have enjoyed the loose burgers there and, more recently, the stir fried dishes served in generous quantities. My wife and I ate there on Sunday, their last day, and no one mentioned the impending closing.

Steamers will be missed and has been one of my go to local treats for years. Bon voyage, Steamers.

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Parker said...

The landlord wanted to keep the month to month lease. We wanted to renovate and make the place less of a fire hazard but were refused a better lease for almost 2 years. I miss Steamers very much.