Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Egg Substitute: A Staple In My Refrigerator

I often cook with Publix's egg substitute, EggStirs. The lower cholesterol is the main reason. I find that, particularly when adulterated with veggies, cheese, or meats (even a peach), the final product turns out beautifully. By themselves, they are still good though the difference in taste between the substitute and the eggs is more evident. To me, real eggs taste saltier and, when cooked alone, they scramble better. 

In my frittatas, I most often use the substitute with great success. The key is to cook the "frit"very slowly. I prepare it on the stove first and then sprinkle cheese on top before broiling  until the top is lightly browned. I nearly always season with my mix of salt-free/low salt Cajun seasoning and Crystal Hot Sauce. 

Another plus to the substitute is that, in recipes calling for an egg or two, it is easier to just pour into a measuring cup and add to the mix. 1/4 cup = one egg. No dealing with shells and washing an extra bowl and wisk. 

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