Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Back In the Saddle Again

I'm Back In the Saddle Again

Hey ya'll.

I have been somewhat inactive in writing my blog but my excuse is good. I have been deeply engrossed in the Presidential race and other local political races in North Florida. I co-chaired a team on the Obama campaign that covered a large chunk of Gainesville and we were very successful in getting out the vote in our "turf." As in '08 campaign, I learned a lot more about computers, campaigning, databases, and political organizing that I hope to put to good use in my next endeavors. I am exhausted but pleased with the result and all that I learned from the process. We are blessed with a great country and I consider it a privilege to work towards reaching "a more perfect union."

As I move forward, I plan to continue this blog about North Florida food as well as increasing my role in environmental advocacy efforts in the region. My time as a project manager at Lake Apopka was an experience of a life time and I have missed working in that field.

I am presently enrolled in the Florida Master Naturalist program and am attending the wetlands module being held here in Gainesville. Later, I will be attending two other modules on uplands and coastal systems that will be held in St. Johns County and central Florida, respectively. Also, I am now serving on the board of the Friends of Paynes Prairie and look forward to working hard at that. If you believe in the concept of "calling," I feel called to work on supporting the mission of the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

My interest in Southern foodways and how to prepare those food from local sources continues to be a priority for me. North Florida is abundant in options from bountiful local farms, to bison, to seafood...the list goes on. I look forward to learning more and writing more about it.

So look for more from me on culinary and environmental affairs in North Florida.

For now, I am out into the yard to plant some onions, cabbage, and pac choy. The sky is blue, the weather mild, and life is good.


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