Tuesday, March 08, 2011


We are in the midst of an election in Gainesville for the City Commission. At least one friend is running and her candidacy caused me to reflect on the many elected officials I met while working on the Lake Apopka project. They included Members of Congress, Governors, Cabinet officials, legislators, city/county commissioners, and mayors from all parties, political persuasions, and walks of life.

The following is an list of attributes culled from my observations of those men and women that might might be ones to look for when choosing a candidate to support:



Big picture vision

Commitment to public service

Loves country, state, region, and locale

Skill at math (or better yet accounting)

Writes well and clearly

Knows when to talk and when to listen

Has high tolerance for excessive verbage and detail without being consumed/romanced by it. Can reach into those details and distill their essence

Makes decisions after careful examination of the facts and options. Is not afraid to make decisions

Able to forge alliances with adversaries

Able to maintain relations with all stakeholders regardless of compatibility with ones own views

Has LOTS of time for meetings and constituent service

Able to speak softly and slowly. Takes breaths and pauses when speaking

Is both charming as a campaigner and smart as a bookworm

Avoids being wishy-washy

Looks people in the eye

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