Friday, October 01, 2010


I grew up in Gainesville FL, but lived in Tuscaloosa from 6th grade through my sophomore year in high school. I consider both towns to be home.

Tuscaloosa is a lovely place where Southern hospitality still thrives. Here are some dining recommendations for those traveling north for Saturday's game between the Gators and the Tide.


15th Street Diner: reasonably priced Southern cooking. The best of down-home veggies etc. Great meat loaf.

The Waysider: Fabulous breakfast spot. Always very busy. Coach Bryant ate here a

The City Cafe (Northport): Like the Waysider, an iconic breakfast. Another Bryant haunt.

Nick's in the Sticks: Super beef filet...funky atmosphere...very tasty food and never chic

The Cotton Patch: on the road to Birmingham and is a Southern cooking landmark. I prefer 15th St. Diner myself.

Archibald's: A's is the best barbecue in T-town, bar none. They serve take out only from a block building in Northport. Not the easiest place to find. Follow the smoke.

Dreamland Barbecue: The original location is loved by many. Just ribs, white bread and sides. Very good, but should be over run by Tide and Gator fans alike.

The Cypress Inn: pricey but said to be good. They are located on the banks of the Black Warrior River and the ambience/view is great.

If you love American art: The Jack Warner Art collection is a must-see. It is located in the old offices of the Gulf States paper mill located near Lake Tuscaloosa.


Lots of chains, but good food is still available. For lunch: the Montgomery State Farmers' Market has an excellent country cooking buffet. For supper: Martin's fried chicken is revered all over the South. The Hank Williams museum is located in Montgomery for those who need to pay their respects while passing through town.

Between Montgomery and Tuscaloosa I recommend Jim's barbecue. The Twix and Tween in Centerville is not what it used to be, but they sell their sauce and I always buy a supply when passing by.

LAST TIPS: While Tide fans are the most fervent of sports fans, they are also very hospitable. Conduct yourself well and you will be rewarded with many kindnesses. Lots of yes ma'ms and yes sirs will serve you well. And, the evening meal is "supper." Lunch is "dinner."

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